My name is Mario Caillahuz, I'm a system enginner and dedicate most of my time to computer projects. Rest of the time I spent watching fascinating movies and playing soccer.

I live in Lima-Perú and I've started with my first Atari, long time ago at 1979 with the 2600 console. After a few months i played with it, I decided to program my own games on the future. It took years (at 1984) to adquire a 800XL without tape unit or disk drive. That was the beggining of my hobbie.

I have other 8bit systems, but always feel the Atari too much responsive and it's a real challegue to program good stuff in it, due for the early design that was build.

Maybe, most of you have seen my avatar on the main Atari forums on the world:

Just a G2F picture for atari pictures. You can get the original executable for Atari computers here .


There are a lot of stuff I have thinked to do on Atari computers. As you can guess my time free can't reach to convert all in real. However, I'm learning still most of the complicated things that an old machine as Atari have.

My actual Atari computer is a non-modified 130XE:

I tried to do only one project at once, and I thinked the best idea is do not say anything until is finished at 100%. However, due to the creation of this web, I consider the way of publishing some progress of a new project.

You can contact me at for any suggest, opinion or comment.