In the early 90s I programmed some software for Atari 8bit machines. Never was released in any place. After the new century and the internet I can buy new devides to allow transfer the data on my old diskettes to the PC.

In this way, I review my old games and rewritte most of them to get new fresh versions.


Jimmy the farmer, has a bad day, a plague is near, coming soon. But, he has a powerful DDT spray, that he will use to defend his fruits. He hopes that natures cannot overcome him.

Initially, I thinked to do a game with many colors on screen, but due to failures on my initial designs on sprites + color fonts, I lost the choice to enhanced the game. However, I learn so much about Display Lists, DLIs and FONTs on Atari computers. I discover too, the music is hard for me, I really must to do some chunky routine to reproduce 3 pieces. The intro and play tune are classical melodies of Johan Sebasthian Bach, maybe you can recognize the intro tune as the same music in Canyon Climber game, but I use all the original tune, so you can hear completed here. The game over tune is a Rob Hubbard tune for Monty C64 game, just for the game over sequence. I think Sack-os did it the conversion for RMT Atari player routine.

Try a little, you can download this game on Plague Attack - Atarimania

This game was programmed initially in 1989. After a review of some BASIC game for ORIC machine, I try to do a port to Atari machines, really I liked those apple fonts!

Here a screenshot of the first version:

Simply GR.1 with new set of fonts !


Do you remember all that little stuff of games slalom types? funny?.... At least for me, yes! So one of the first games that I could remember I programmed, was a classic slalom game. Easy and addictive.

After a long time, I'll try to do something more complex with background music. So I insert the RMT player routine and choice the music from GEM C64 game (I think Sack-os do the porting to Atari machines), and get a happy clone: VOYAGE TO HOME

Try to avoid all meteorite obstacles and reach the final goal: The Earth planet.

You have the choice of move to both sides at 3 levels factor speed. In anyway, you have a great shield, after using for a few seconds, you need some time to recharge it. Try not to disengage the shield with direct impact, or you have real problems.

This game enters on the ABBUC 2006 contest and you can download at
Voyage to home - Atarimania


With a help of some created tools, I can wrote better graphical games in 1990. Nothing out of this world, a very basic clone of OPERATION WOLF. I called ACCION, the early project have the same look of the retouched game in 2006.

Originally was created to be publish on local magazine "Informatica Creativa" but maybe due to the complex of typing (graphical data embebed in large amount of sentences DATA) , was dismissed just in the last number launched of this magazine in Perú.

A long time passed and now, after a little porting, we have the 2006 version that enter on the ABBUC 2006 contest. Download the game from Accion - Atarimania

Ernest has reached the Amazon jungle and found the enemies hidden barracks. His mission, defeat all enemies. Sounds easy but... there are some surprises. When you turn out of ammo, don't forget to reload doing right-left movements on your stick.