Nobody could negate the fact that MULE is one of the more brilliant game of the 80's. Few games have this property to be remember as a great design involved. Not much the sound effect, not much the graphics, really is the original concept that cause a impact on many players in 1983.

After the initial release of the great classic M.U.L.E. on many 8bit computers, a lot of third portings or remakes has been done during all these years. But now, I think, it take the turn for the original computer Atari 8bit to get a attempt to show a second version as a sequel.


During these 25 years, people on Irata had grown much. MULE units are very important for the produccion and economy, but suddenly few months ago the resources are in low. So, different races had broken the peace and start a new age of battles to get the control of Irata planet. In the same way MULEs are the main way to win territories.


How to begin

Init the disk into a Atari 800XL or 130XE. Minimum requirement is 64KB and one joystick control. After the animations of the starting intro, the game will ask for the number of human players with his own race. There is a maximum of 7 players that could play, cpu will take control of ramining races.

After loading the game, you can see 3 sections:

MAP : the scenario of the game

MESSAGE LINE : at the middle a green scrolling line will notify what happens and what to do.

STATUS PLAYERS : This area shows the status of different values:

- 1st line: shows the number of cities per player
- 2nd line: shows the total amount of mules per player
- 3rd line: shows the mules in reserve zone on factory (to be used when your cities require)

ATACK LINE: In attack mode, shows the results of fighting.

The turns

The game is based in turns. Once time is your turn the only thing you can think is what city you will attack. Use the pointer first to select your city, and second the enemy city to be attacked.

Every number inside in the city shows how much mules have. Each mule have a range of attacking from 1 to 6 hit points, and every city can have from 1 to 8 mules. That means a city can attack from 1 to 48 hit points, more mules, more damage you can do.

To get the control of the enemy city you have to obtain more points in the attack move. Equal points of attacking and defending cities, result in lose battle for the atacking city.

If you win the attack move, your city save only one mule and take the new city with the remaining mules. For example if you attack with a 4 mules city and win the attack move, then your city keep 1 mule and 3 mules pass to the new ocuppied city.

If you lose the attack move, your city will be reduced at only one survivor mule. Cities with only 1 mule are only defending cities, because you need at least 2 mules for attack others cities (1 mule for keep, 1 mule for take the new city).

End of turn

Once your time is exhausted, you finish your turn and will be rewarded with new production of mules. So, you'll get new mules as maximum number of joined cities (a neighborhood) you have. For example on the top figure, red will be rewarded with 2 new cities. Other example, when green finish his turn will be reawrded with 3 aditional cities.

So, you have to get in connetion all your cities to grow more, and try to cut the connection of the enemies species.

Those extra mules will reforce your cities. There is a maximum of 8 mules that a city can contain. If you have no space in your cities for some of the new gained mules, then these will pass to the reserve zone.

Reserve zone can manage a maximum of 32 mules, aditional Mules will be losed.

How to win the game

The game ends when only one player remaing on the map.


You have on each turn a choice to surrender, only do a click on the flag icon. Surrender players, remain the cities, but won't produce new mules at the end of his turn.

About Irata

Irata have 4 continents, ramdomly you have the opportunity of testing one of these places.

MULE WARS go at 3rd place on ABBUC 2007 contest. Now, you can download here Mule_Wars_version_1.1 (Now computer can give up and game end with only one victory specie)

Any descriptions of bugs will be apreciate, please email me at