Test your ability in this game by stunning the teasing animals that show up through the holes. It's very easy to play, just point the stick to choose a hole and press fire to knock the animal.

Be careful of hammering an empty hole or your hammer will stick in it for a few seconds.

Time is your enemy. You need to stun the set amount of animals before time is over. Each time you pass a level you will be rewarded with points and extra time, and if you hit an animal as soon as he shows up you'll get bonus points.

In harder levels, be aware of dynamites or you will lose precious time. Don't forget to catch the time bonus to extend playing time!

Have fun with Animal Party!


- PRG and GFX by Mario Caillahuz (Allas)
- MSX Intro by MusicMarius ( Inspiration Soft)
- "Flimbo" MSX cover by Michal Szpilowski (Miker)

Please contact me if any game bugs are found, my email is mcaillahuz@limitevisual.com